We improve competitiveness and profitability of our partners by supplying excellent quality products.


For over 15 years, Emet has been offering machining of sheet metal, profiles and steel plates using the latest technology. As a subcontracting manufacturer, we improve competitiveness and profitability of our partners by supplying excellent quality products, taking care of design, manufacturing and logistics.

We use cutting edge machinery and employ a specialized design team. Thanks to an experienced staff, we guarantee high availability, short lead times and favorable prices coupled with suitable payment terms.

We are industry experts and have excellent track record to prove it. Our customers are confident in receiving timely deliveries of high quality products, so they can focus on their business.

European companies ranging from electronic, electric, IT, advertising, construction and lightning industries have trusted us with their manufacturing needs.

Our capabilities include production of power distribution cabinets, device enclosures, kiosks - along with assembly of components


To ensure the highest standard of production, items manufactured in our facility are carefully inspected every step of the way.

Our quality assurance team works on securing proper parameters and repeatability of the products, using certified measurement instruments. We assure the highest quality of our products and services by a continously improved ISO 9001:2015 compliant quality management system.

Environmental responsibility

A care for the environment is deeply rooted within our company.

We meet all government regulations concerning waste sorting and pollution limits, backed by partnership agreements with specialized companies.

100% of metal scrap produced during our manufacturing is either upcycled or recycled.

Social responsibility

We support the community of Szczecinek, proudly sponsoring EMET Basket Szczecinek - a successful junior basketball team.

We also provide assistance to societies and organisations that make a difference at a local level - especially the ones catering to our youth.